Satellite Registration

NAIFC Satellite Tournament information and registration

Circuits that are partnering with the NAIFC by designating one of their events as an "NAIFC Qualifier" offer competitors the opportunity to pay a fee* to the National Championship (NC) in order to use their result to try and qualify for the NC in December.

Satellite events primarily allow us to reach out to anglers who participate in other circuits out on the fringes where the NAIFC, at this time, has no open qualifiers. The overall result of the host event does not matter in this equation, you are only competing against the other anglers who also chose to use that event as a qualifier, with a guaranteed invitation to the top 20%.

They also exist to acknowledge that other circuits such as the UPL and MN-MADE have a group of hardcore anglers who have definitely earned the right to compete at a National level, but may simply not have the time or funds to attend another event or two to qualify.

Thirdly, growing the sport of competitive ice fishing is a huge goal of the NAIFC, and if these other circuits draw a few more entries due to this association, then everyone benefits.

*At every NAIFC Open Qualifier, $50 of every entry goes to the NC prize fund, so to use a satellite as your qualifier we charge that same $50 (payable directly to the NAIFC, on top of whatever tournament fee the host event requires) so everyone contributes the same.

A TRUE National Championship should strive to include the top teams from across the nation, all meeting on a level playing feild, no matter what circuit they qualify through.

(For 2023, the NAIFC will offer satellite events thru the UPL and MN-MADE circuits in MN, the Perch Assault circuit in MT and Ice Masters Elite in NY. Other events may be announced in the near future.).

Event Price Team